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Mar 24

Truck Driver Killed in Rollover Accident in Northwest Arkansas

According to information released by the Arkansas State Police, Douglas Green, a 51-year-old truck driver from Jacksonville, Florida, was killed in a rollover crash in Madison County.

A preliminary investigation indicates that the truck went off the road while navigating a sharp left turn, hit a sign, and then rolled over. Based on photographs published by the Huntsville Fire Department, the damage to the truck was extreme. Tragically, Mr. Green was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

The Precise Cause of Accident is Still Under Investigation

At the current time, relatively limited public information has been released regarding the precise cause of the accident. At this time, the crash is still under an investigation from law enforcement. As explained by Arkansas truck accident attorney J. Timothy Smith, “Large commercial truck accidents are complicated. These crashes always require a comprehensive investigation. While a police investigation is important, victims and family members of the victim should also retain their own legal counsel who can help them document the collision and gather the evidence needed to pursue financial support.” In many commercial truck accident cases, documents and records held by the company—including driver history and inspection/maintenance records—may be relevant.

Large Trucks are Involved in a High Rate of Catastrophic Accidents in Arkansas

 Unfortunately, large truck accidents—even if they are only single vehicle crashes—have the potential to cause extraordinary devastation. While truck accidents affect every community, our state sees more than its fair share of catastrophic and fatal truck accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that large commercial trucks were involved in 12.3 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents reported in Arkansas in 2017. That is significantly above the national average, which is 8.8 percent.

Semi-Truck Rollovers are Especially Dangerous

Semi-trucks may be at a higher risk of rolling over if the trailer is improperly loaded or the vehicle is not frequently inspected or well-maintained. While catastrophic truck accidents can occur for a wide range of different reasons, truck rollovers are very high on the list. Indeed, when a truck rolls over, it is almost invariably a serious crash. Data from the federal government indicates that approximately 3,000 truckers are injured and 300 are killed in rollover accidents every year. Many more people outside of the truck are also injured and killed in these types of accidents.

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