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Jan 10

Truck Driver Killed in 1-Vehicle Crash

The majority of vehicle accidents involve two or more vehicles, but some crashes involve just  one vehicle.

This does not make them any less serious, though. These single-vehicle crashes are caused by various factors.

A truck driver was recently killed in Arkansas after he lost control of a semi truck. The fatal accident happened on the morning of December 12 on Interstate 30 in Clark County. The 35-year-old man from Texas was driving a Freightliner near mile marker 67 when the truck ended up a ditch. The truck hit a tree, causing the man to die at the crash scene.

The accident was investigated, but it is still unclear what caused the crash to occur. The roads were dry and the weather was clear at the time of the accident.

Loss of Control While Driving

Driving a semi truck is much more difficult than driving a passenger vehicle. The cars we drive are created for safety and can stop on a dime. This is not the case with tractor-trailers, which require a lot of room to stop. Semi trucks carry a significant amount of cargo, and this extra weight can keep them from stopping so quickly.

Truck drivers have one major issue on their mind at all times: control. Truck drivers need to be alert and in control at all times. There are many ways in which a truck driver can lose control of a semi truck. Speed is a major issue. Driving too fast is common among truck drivers, and if a truck is going around a curve too fast, it can cause the truck to go off the road.

Falling asleep and distraction are major causes of accidents in general, and are common among truck drivers. If a driver is asleep or distracted, he or she is less likely to adequately control the truck and it can veer off the road into a ditch.

Get Help From an Arkansas Truck Accident Attorney

Large semi trucks are difficult to control. As a result, many truck drivers lose control of them, which causes serious injury or death to themselves and others.

No matter how it was caused, if you are a victim of a truck crash, the truck accident attorneys at the Elliott & Smith Law Firm can help. Our aggressive representation has helped many victims recover the compensation they need to pay for damages. For a free consultation, contact us online or call our Fayetteville, Arkansas office at 479-JUSTICE (587-8423).