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Oct 08

Motorcycle Safety Gear – Best Colors To Wear

Popular shows like FXs Sons of Anarchy are bringing the mysterious culture of motorcycle clubs into the mainstream. In the show, club members wear vests known as “kuttes” (jackets with the sleeves cut off), clad with various patches that have specific meanings to designate the SAMCRO’s original members or those that have spilt blood on behalf of the group. While the events of the club are dramatized for television, one thing remains true: avid motorcyclists are serious about their gear.

Motorcycling’s Dangerous Image

Motorcycling has a dangerous image for a reason. According to NHTSA statistics, motorcycle deaths have increased every year for 14 of the past 15 years. In 2012, accidents killed 4,927 motorcyclists, accounting for 15 percent of total highway deaths.

Danger is a two way street.

People driving cars do need to learn to share the road, with cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. While many drivers are accustomed to looking out for large vehicles, it’s no secret they are less adept at watching for the smaller motor vehicles on the road like motorcycles. On the other hand, many motorcycle drivers are more concerned with the flashiness of their newest chopper or the love of their favorite black leather jacket than they are about safety, when in fact their motorcycle gear could be the very thing that keeps them alive.

Motorcycle gear can save your life.

Although the stereotypical black leather gear is popular, it isn’t necessarily the safest. Sites like provide high tech products like Kevlar that go far beyond the “old school” gear in protecting people from the highly dangerous situations they may encounter. But you don’t have to be high tech or spend a lot of money to be more visible on the road and therefore safe. While the thick, sturdy leather motorcycle gear protects against wind and skids, its dark color is one area where safety is lacking.

Best Colors to Wear

The best colors to wear for optimal visibility are bright colors that reflect light. Consider white, and neon colors like yellow, lime green or orange. You might even want to buy visibility vests specifically designed for motorcyclists, complete with reflective tape and reflect the light from headlights when driving at night.

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