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Jan 03

Interstate 49 Blocked Due to Truck Accident

Semi trucks are large vehicles, so when they become involved in crashes, the results can be disastrous. When multiple semi trucks are involved, they can cause a deadly situation. Fortunately, only minor injuries were reported in a recent semi truck crash in Arkansas.  

The accident happened on December 31 on Interstate 49 near Mountainburg in Crawford County. The crash involved a pickup truck and two semi trucks. One of the semi trucks overturned and blocked traffic for quite some time. Traffic was diverted near Rudy at exit 24. Crews worked diligently to reopen the center lane so cars could pass through while cleanup resumed.

It has been reported that minor injuries are involved. There are no further details about how the crash occurred. It is still under investigation.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Trucks are very large and therefore more complex to drive. They carry large amounts of cargo and have huge blind spots, which means maneuvering them can be quite difficult. They take much longer for passenger vehicles to stop and they can drift into adjacent lanes if the driver is not careful. Truck drivers require a significant amount of training so they can adequately handle a vehicle of this size.

Truck accidents can occur in a variety of ways. Loss of control and vehicle failure are common issues with semi trucks. Inclement weather, shifting cargo and the actions of other drivers can also cause issues for truck drivers.

Driver fatigue, distracted driving and speeding are also common causes of crashes. The issues, however, are caused by the truck driver and can be easily prevented. Driving a semi truck is no easy task. It requires quick reaction times and good judgment at all times, so it’s important for drivers to avoid alcohol and drug use.

Get Help From an Arkansas Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents tend to cause serious injuries and even death, so it’s a miracle that only minor injuries were reported in this case. If you have been involved in a truck accident, don’t delay in seeking legal help. Time is of the essence, so act quickly to protect your legal rights.

The aggressive truck accident attorneys at the Elliott & Smith Law Firm can help. We have won numerous truck crash cases and are not scared to go to trial if needed. For a free consultation, contact us online or call our Fayetteville, Arkansas office at 479-JUSTICE (587-8423).